Illness Policy

Illness Policy

We provide a fun, stimulating and noisy environment where children learn, explore and develop into happy, confident individuals.  We recognise, however that this is not the best environment for a poorly child, who may need special care, comfort and often medical attention. Therefore, we recommend that any child who is unwell does not attend the nursery.

Our nursery encourages good health and hygiene for all the children in our care- we actively monitor all children for any signs and symptoms of illness such as chickenpox, measles, diarrhoea and vomiting, and high temperatures. 

With the welfare of all our children in mind, if, in the opinion of a member of staff, a child is or appears to be unwell, we will contact the parent and request that their child is picked up as soon as possible. 

As per our Child Absence Policy, parents must contact the nursery before the child’s session informing us if their child is ill and will not be attending nursery. 

Staff need to be sure that a child has returned to good health before they can return if there is any doubt they will ask the advice of the Nursery Manager. 

If a child falls seriously ill while at nursery, we will immediately contact his/her parents and call the emergency services. If we are unable to reach the parents, the Nursery Manager will assume charge and, if necessary, accompany the child to the hospital along with his/her medical details as recorded on the Medical Requirements/Allergy Form, Permanent Medication Form, Permanent Medication Administration Form, Prescribed Medication Form and Registration Form, if relevant. Remaining staff will continue to attempt to contact the parents. 

In an emergency, the Nursery Manager may administer Calpol without parental consent.

If any child has a serious illness the Nursery has an obligation to inform Ofsted and RIDDOR. 

Guidance on Infection Control

If a child has one of the following diseases, then according to guidelines issued by the Department of Health, the child cannot return to the nursery until the Exclusion Period below has elapsed. This list is also displayed on the parent board within the nursery.