Medication Policy

Medication Policy

Administration of Prescribed Medication

Any child who has been prescribed antibiotics must have been taking them for 24 hours before being permitted back into the setting. 

The parent must give written consent to the nursery by filling out a Prescribed Medication Form. It will state the medication, duration that the medicine is to be administered for, dosage, reason the child is taking the medication, and the time of day the medication should be administered. Please note the nursery will not make changes to dosages and times on the original parent instruction- if any changes are to be made, a new form should be filled out.

Administration of Long Term Medicine

If a child within the nursery is on long term medication such as inhalers, parents should, along with the Nursery Manager, fill out a Medical Requirement/Allergy form which details about the specific needs of the child. 

The parents should also fill out a Permanent Medication form detailing the time and dosage it is to be administered along with any special instructions. 

When administering long term medication, the senior member of management will need to fill in the Permanent Medication Administration form detailing the time and dosage that was administered. This form is then kept in the child’s personal file.

Emergency Medical Needs

Some children may require medicines in particular circumstances, for example children with epilepsy, severe asthma, severe allergies and diabetes.  Parents will need to meet with the nursery manager and discuss the issues involved. We will aim to meet the needs of your child and seek additional training where applicable. 

Administration of Non-Prescribed Medication e.g. Calpol

The Nursery will not administer non-prescribed medication like Calpol, as it tends to mask the underlying symptoms of illness, which could spread to other children.

As per our illness policy, if, in the opinion of a member of staff, a child is or appears to be unwell, we will contact the parent and request that their child is picked up as soon as possible.

If the parent is going to take more than 30 minutes to pick up the child, we can administer Calpol only if a parent has given consent in writing e.g. email. Calpol should only be administered through sachets. The nursery will not keep any open bottles on site.

If any parent brings in Calpol for minor ailments like teething, this should only be sachets not bottles. Parents will be required to take home the remaining sachets at the end of the session/day.